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FAQs within ‘Installation’

How are graphics installed?
Graphics are installed by a certified local Wrapmate Pro, who is a vetted installer that specializes in vinyl film production and installation. They will work with Wrapmate and your selected participating local VW Dealer to complete your installation and purchase.

How long does the installation take?
The amount of time it takes to install your graphic depends on the design you select. Most take between one and three business days but DIY graphics can be done in minutes.
  1. Can I have alternate transportation (Loaner Vehicle, etc. ) while the install occurs? – This is an additional service that your selected participating local VW Dealer may offer to you. Additional charges may apply. Not included in the online SRP. Online SRP only reflects vinyl materials and installation. Excludes taxes, local VW dealer charges (rental vehicle, installer coordination), facility, and other potential fees. Local VW Dealer sets actual price.

Do I need to wash my vehicle before installation?
Your vehicle must arrive clean, dry, and free of wax or surface protectants for the installation of your graphics. Installations should only be performed on a clean vehicle. Cleaning services will incur additional charges.

Are these graphics permanent?

Can I install the graphics myself?
You may install DIY graphics on your vehicle, however, self-installed materials will not carry a warranty. If you proceed with a self-installation you do so at your own risk.

Does the installation of a graphic damage my vehicle?
Graphic installation should not damage your vehicle. Please contact the Wrapmate care team at 1-888-619-9727 or vwwraps@wrapmate.com if you have any concerns about your installation.

Can I purchase graphics after my vehicle is delivered to me?
Graphics can be purchased after the delivery of the vehicle, however, the installation areas of the vehicle need to be in like new condition. Like new means that the surface is free of any dents, imperfections, or damages. Your vehicle must arrive clean and dry for the installation of your wrap. Installations should only be performed on a clean vehicle. Cleaning services will incur additional charges.

Can I replace portions of my original graphics if they are damaged?
Yes, portions of your original graphics may be replaced. Please contact our customer support 1-888-619-9727 or vwwraps@wrapmate.com The area of the vehicle where replacement graphics are installed needs to be in like new condition. Like new means that the surface has fully intact paint free of any dents or permanent commentates. It is possible that replaced areas of the graphics will have a noticeable difference in color compared to remaining original graphics.

What condition does my vehicle need to be in to qualify for graphics?
It is recommended that graphic materials be installed on like-new surfaces. A wrap is not intended to hide damage on a vehicle. Dents or other deformations to the body of the vehicle will be visible through the wrap. In addition, if a graphic or wrap is installed over scratched or chipped paint additional paint damage may occur during removal.

What surfaces of my vehicle can be wrapped?
Many painted exterior surfaces of the vehicle. Please review the configurator to see what is included in each design. For durability reasons door handles, the area behind door handles, and the grill will not be wrapped.

How do I know I am getting a high-quality installation?
Wrapmate Pro installers have been certified to complete these graphic and wrap installations. The wrap designs have also been optimized to help ensure the highest quality installation.

What parts of my vehicle can not be wrapped?
The configurator shows the external wrap coverage. while door jams and handles are not wrapped, the top of the rear bumper will be covered to ensure a uniform exterior finish.