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FAQs within ‘Material’

What are vinyl graphics?
Sometimes called “wraps” or “graphics” are designs printed on vinyl film and applied to automotive painted surfaces. The film can be a solid color, printed designs, or decals and can be removed if needed.

What material do you use for the graphics?
Our program exclusively uses 3M™ Wrap Film products for all of our graphics and wraps. This ensures your installation will be executed at the highest quality and longest durability.

How are the graphics produced?
Graphics are produced on high quality 3M™ Wrap Film at a centralized facility.

Why not just paint the vehicle?
Vehicle graphics are semi-permanent and can be removed, making it convenient if you would like to restyle your vehicle many times.

What is included in the SRP?
Online SRP only reflects 3M™ Wrap Film and installation. It excludes taxes, local VW dealer charges (rental vehicle, installer coordination), facility, and other potential fees. Local VW Dealer sets actual price.

What colors and finishes are available?
Several colors and finishes are available. Please visit the 3D configurator to see what is available in the custom graphics program.

Will the graphic affect the factory paint finish?
As long as proper installation is done and care instructions are followed, the graphic should not affect the paint. Several environmental factors, such as exposure to sun or contaminates, may degrade exposed paint in a way that vinyl covered paint will not. Each design has an expected service life that if exceeded will result in challenging removals.