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FAQs within ‘Removal’

Will the graphic affect the factory paint finish?
As long as proper installation is done and care instructions are followed, the graphic should not affect the paint. Several environmental factors, such as exposure to sun or contaminates, may degrade exposed paint in a way that vinyl covered paint will not. Each design has an expected service life that if exceeded will result in challenging removals.

What will the vehicle paint look like under the graphic compared to uncovered surfaces?
The film shields paint from the sun and many contaminates that uncovered paint will be exposed to. Due to this, it is possible that after a graphic is removed, there will be a visible difference in the appearance of paint that was covered by the film and paint that was not. When possible park your vehicle indoors. Please follow the recommended life expectancy guideline of the graphic. Learn more about 3M™ Wrap Film | 2080 Learn More about 3M™ Wrap Film | IJ180 Always maintain your vehicles paint to manufacturer's guidelines located in your vehicles owner's manual.

Can I remove the graphics myself?
Although it is recommended that the graphics and wraps be removed by a certified installer, it is possible for you to complete the removal. If the vehicle is damaged during self-removal no warranty claim can be made.

What is the life expectancy of graphics?